Touch for Health Shizuoka supports health and happiness through "living freshly" as a bridge. We hold the official class of Touch for Health, a home health method. We will tell you how to do it easily at home and live the best life. We offer a program to self-select Yuanki. We are accepting applications online and face-to-face.





Touch for Health is a safe and easy home health method for everyone.
It has spread to more than 100 countries around the world. You can learn simple self-care online and face-to-face according to universal texts.

Free trials are accepted at any time!
Please speak to us lightly.

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2019I gave a presentation at the World Congress of Kinesiology held in Bali in October this year.

We presented about activities in which elderly people become ex-ki with simple techniques of touch for health and the miracle of junior high school soccer clubs.

In addition, at the Touch for Health Festival in Japan in September 2021, cancer survivors presented their experiences of the trajectory of utilizing Touch for Health.

Connect with many cancer survivors through the official Touch for Health class
By looking inside, feelings of anxiety and fear, pain and malaise in the body are improved, and we are growing together with sharing the real and moving experience of being active in Genki.

August 2018! America! In Malibu, California, I was able to learn firsthand about Touch for Health with Dr. Matthew, the successor of Dr. John Sea.

My eldest son is also working as a Touch for Health instructor with his parents and children.

Would you like to work as a Touch for Health instructor?

I feel that I have grown a lot by aiming to become an instructor.


I collaborated with soul singer-songwriter Takayuki Sugiura, who overcame cancer, at Reborn Dodo.

In addition, in August 2021, we held a collaboration at a historic red brick warehouse in Kikugawa City.
This is an interview with Takayuki Sugiura after the collaboration.

This is an interview with Dr. Masagaku Kobayashi, a practitioner of integrative oncology medicine, who studied Touch for Health.